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ARIANNA CHAVEZ, on Basta Disparidad in San Diego and helping underserved Latinos

For a year, Chavez solely ran her San Diego Free Resources Instagram account named Basta Disparidad. She would identify and research a public health problem and promote it on the page. Free STI testing, food distributions, free flu shots, and counseling services for families in need have been resources Chavez has posted on Basta Disparidad. In the midst of 2020, Chavez decided to launch a volunteer based internship program in order to help students whose internships had been ruined due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Posted inEquity

LIBÉLULA BOOKS & CO. serves Brown, Black, Queer, Indigenous and all people of color

Housed behind a bright, yellow door attached to a 1920s iron and triangular building, the bookstore features floor-to-ceiling length bookshelves, art and greenery, knick-knacks that just belong, and that satisfying just-opened-a-book smell create an atmosphere that feels like one you’ve experienced before. But what truly punctuates the nostalgia of a classroom is the bundles of toys, a decorative and interactive feature, that definitely heals the inner child of both the owners and guests.