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Mami & Me: How I survived by baby’s first common cold without a doctor’s visit

My own research taught me that the common cold is nearly impossible to avoid. Normally, it’s caused by the rhinovirus and comes with mild symptoms, such as a runny nose, a slight cough and sometimes a fever, according to Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles. 

Levi’s symptoms included congestion, a runny nose and a fever. From experience and conversations with our pediatrician, we learned that it’s OK to give our toddler Tylenol and Children’s Motrin when a fever is present. Fever and congestion can make their little head hurt.

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CALÓ NEWS celebrates one-year anniversary serving Latino readers

Today, CALÓ NEWS and our staff celebrate a milestone. This issue marks our one-year anniversary. Last year, the Latino Media Collaborative (LMC), an emerging non-profit organization that develops high-impact media outreach, launched CALÓ NEWS with the mission of informing, engaging and empowering our greater Latino community on the issues and perspectives that mean most to us, particularly for those who live in a growing number of news and media deserts.