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Celebrate LACMAS NextGenLA’s 20th Anniversary

In celebration of NextGenLA’s 20th anniversary, LACMA will host a celebration on Sunday, December 3, 2023. The celebration will include exhibitions and fun activities for the whole family, as well as free outdoor activities for all ages. Storytime and Art Workshop at Tia Chuchas’s Centro Cultural & Bookstore is one of the many free art workshops. There will be free general admission and outdoor activities for NexGenLA members and one additional guest at LACMA. NexGenLA is a free membership for kids 17 and under who live in L.A. County. Visitors will be able to sign up for NexGenLA memberships at the event.

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East LA native son, Eddie Ayala dies at 63, leaving behind an indelible mark on the Chicano alternative and punk-rock scenes

In the 70s and late 80s, Eddie Ayala was one of the biggest stars in East LA as a punk-rock musician and singer of seminal bands Los Illegals and The Odd Squad, marking the beginning of the underground L.A. punk rock scene, Chicano-style. On Friday, November 24, Ayala, a pioneer of the East Los Angeles Chicano punk movement, died at 63 years old. 

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Vendedores ambulantes en la ciudad de Huntington Park piden mejores regulaciones y mejor trato 

Cada día, Yumabeli Castro se despierta a las seis de la mañana para preparar los ingredientes y colocar las sartenes y los utensilios de cocina que necesita para hacer tamales. Ese plato mesoamericano, hecho a base de una masa de harina de maíz nixtamalizada (donde el maíz seco se cocina en una solución alcalina de […]

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Father and son business owners have served LA’s Eastside community across generations

When Cecilio Acevedo decided to pack up the few possessions he had to his name in 1964 and migrate from Mexico City to Los Angeles, he brought an invaluable asset with him. Three years of experience working across different furniture shops in Mexico would allow him to open his own business, which he’s now run for 52 years. In 1971, he founded Mission Furniture Manufacturing, a 7500-square-foot family-run shop that sits on Whittier Boulevard in the heart of East LA, which has sold hand-made furniture since its doors opened. His best sellers are traditional three-cushion sofas which have remained popular over the years.

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CALÓ Q&A: An immigrant rights coalition works to bring socioeconomic equity to immigrants in LA 

IRLA is made up of more than 100 non-profit, community-led, health and other academic organizations, including CHILRLA, AltaMed, St. John’s Well Child & Family Center, Immigrant Defenders Law Center, UCLA Labor Center, and the USC Equity Research Institute, among others. They banded together as IRLA to advocate for immigrants in LA and proposed a county plan that would include more immigrant-related priorities to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, who would allocate the $9 billion in ARP funds given to the city.

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COMMENTARY: Bar Flores celebrates community

In what has become one of the most popular bars in Los Angeles and likely the Southwest, is a story about an immigrant family whose legacy is celebrated so deliberately and yet so subtly. Off of the sunset strip, before the Dodger Stadium, is a warm red-beige building whose entrance looks like an entrance to any older restaurant in Mexico. Go up the stairs, you may hear Thee Sacred Souls or a Pedro Infante track, or even Beyonce’s COZY, but as much as the music encompasses this geography and sonic space, it also encompasses the founder whose eclectic taste making created what is my favorite bar in Los Angeles, Bar Flores in Echo Park.

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Día De Los Muertos, celebrated by many Latinos in LA, again takes center stage at La Placita Olvera

Olvera Street, also known as Placita Olvera, held a celebration for Día de los Muertos, spanning nine days from October 25th to November 2nd. The merchants of Olvera Street have held this celebration for over 30 years. It is believed that during the celebration of Día de los Muertos, the veil between the living and dead thins, allowing family members who have passed on to visit their loved ones.

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Next year, those aged 26 to 49 qualify for full Medi-Cal coverage, no matter their immigration status

New California law will allow adults aged 26 to 49 to qualify for full-scope Medi-Cal health coverage, regardless of immigration status, starting January 1. The full-scope of Medi-Cal will cover more than just emergency care for residents. It will cover doctor visits, mental health care, preventative care, referrals, medicines, transportation and in-home services. This initiative is modeled after the Young Adult Expansion and the Older Adult Expansion plans already in place. This latest expansion of full-scope Medi-Cal brings California closer to a healthier population. ​California will become the first state to expand Medi-Cal to cover this population and represents the next largest expansion following the state’s May 1, 2022 expansion for undocumented residents 50 and older.

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COLUMN: Healing my inner child with RBD concert

Si soy Rebelde! After 15-years, the iconic Mexican pop band RBD returned in late October to perform one last time in the city of Los Angeles for their Soy Rebelde Tour 2023. I was 10-years-old when RBD first performed in Los Angeles. I remember begging my parents to take me to that concert. Despite several of my requests to my parents, I was unable to attend the concert since I come from a low-income family. Trust me, I was heartbroken. Going to this concert as an adult was definitely an emotional roller coaster. I drove two hours from Bakersfield just to see them perform in LA. On my way there, I cried because I was in disbelief that my child’s dream was finally coming true. That night, when the band came out on stage, I didn’t know if I wanted to cry or jump out of happiness.