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COMMENTARY: Latino consumers are the 200% Generation

The contemporary Latino consumer epitomizes cultural diversity and multilingualism, embodying what is often referred to as the 200% Generation. Whether born in the U.S. or brought here as children (Dreamers), we seamlessly straddle two worlds: the American lifestyle when we step outside, and our roots, food, culture, and parents’ mother tongue when we return home.
As part of this 200% Generation, we cherish our complete identity. We proudly embrace being 100% Latino and 100% American. We indulge in hamburgers and hotdogs as much as we delight in tacos and pupusas.

It’s crucial for major brands in the U.S. to grasp the intricate and nuanced characteristics of today’s Latinos. A significant majority of us are fully bilingual, effortlessly dreaming and thinking in both languages simultaneously.

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COMMENTARY: On Rosalía, linguistic justice and being a grammar monk

From law to applied linguistics, “linguistic justice” has gained traction and has a bearing in translanguaging as an intersectional identity issue. When it comes to educational linguistics, linguistic justice entails promoting languages endangered due to coercive monolingual laws or racial prejudices in school settings. This justice is for the speaking selves of children, flowing unpredictably as they learn, without the stigma of incompleteness or faultiness.