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The Mom Walk Co. Montebello is having their first “momsgiving” 

In honor of Thanksgiving, The Mom Walk Co. Montebello is having their first momsgiving and holiday food drive this coming Tuesday, November 28, 2023. It is more than welcome for guests to bring their favorite Thanksgiving drink, dish, or snack to share with others. Non-perishable items will be donated. Recommended foods to donate are canned vegetables, cupped fruit, instant mashed potatoes, instant rice and pastas.

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CALÓ ON THE STREET: What does Cinco de Mayo mean to you?

Cinco de Mayo, a yearly celebration, is often celebrated by going out with friends and family to eat and enjoy Mexican food, drink alcoholic beverages and enjoy some live entertainment. However, many people tend to commemorate this day by partying and drinking and are unaware of the actual event behind this holiday. A historical event that took place in a city in Mexico known as Puebla.