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Veronica Valencia-Hughes, Latina designer and mother of two, is the host of HGTV’s Revealed

Valencia-Hughes has garnered nearly 20 years of experience in the design world, spending much of that time running behind-the-scenes design teams for 600+ TV home renovation projects for HGTV, Netflix, ABC, NBC, Fox, CNBC and OWN. Additionally, after meeting her husband, Kristopher Hughes, the two of them launched their design studio, The Design Hunters, in 2013, which is a “full-service interior design, styling and creative development company based out of Los Angeles and New York City.

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NEEMS JEANS, a sustainable and Latinx couple-owned customizable jeans brand

Knowing how important jeans are too many people and hoping to make the buying experience a million times better, Daniela Rodriguez, CEO, and Andre Ramirez, co-founder, founded Neems Jeans in March 2020. Neems Jeans is a Los Angeles-based, custom-made jeans brand, with two important values: to create jeans that are sustainable and environmentally friendly and to be inclusive and create pieces that fit people’s unique body types.