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COMMENTARY: Lack of diversity in healthcare is killing people of color

I am named after my great-grandmother; a curandera (healer) in the mountains of El Salvador, who only had a formal education up to first grade. For her whole adult life, people travel from surrounding villages to be healed by la niña Marcela. I grew up using herbs that have no English names, and having my mother and aunts use everyday herbs like garlic for multiple healing purposes. As a minority in my field (92% white), my upbringing has provided an awareness that a majority of my colleagues lack. 

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CALÓ HEALTH : Qualitative research on Medi-Cal expansion for undocumented residents 50+ that is now offered regardless of immigration status

Medi-Cal coverage for older adults will expand similar to the Young Adult Expansion, which provided coverage for young adults 19-25 inclusively. The full scope of Medi-Cal will cover more than just emergency care for residents. It will cover doctor visits, mental health care, preventative care, referrals, medicines, transportation and in-home services.