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Legislature passes Newsom’s proposal to retool Mental Health Services Act

The California Legislature passed a pair of bills greenlighting Gov. Gavin Newsom’s campaign to build 10,000 new beds and housing units and increase drug addiction treatment as part of his response to the state’s homelessness and drug crises. The Democratic governor is expected to sign the bills, which received bipartisan support. Newsom will now ask voters to approve the changes on the March primary ballot.

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California lawmakers approve nation-leading $25 minimum wage for health workers, helping Latinos among others

A sweeping agreement between labor and the health industry would gradually raise the minimum wage for hundreds of thousands of health workers in California to a nation-leading $25 an hour while ending a years-long battle over dialysis clinics. State Sen. María Elena Durazo, the Los Angeles Democrat who introduced the bill, called her bill “a first in the nation historic investment in our healthcare workforce.”

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La riqueza latina: una conversación con Tonantzin Carmona de Brookings Metro

Tonantzin Carmona nació y creció en Chicago. De joven, vivió en el barrio La Villita (Little Village). Su familia eventualmente se mudó al de Pilsen, en el Lower West Side. Ambos vecindarios son enclaves ricos en cultura y tradiciones mexicano-estadounidenses. Carmona toma parte de una investigación de dos años con el programa de becas Brookings […]

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Attorney General files suit against Chino Valley Unified to stop ‘forced outing policy’

California Attorney General Rob Bonta filed a lawsuit today against Chino Valley Unified asking the San Bernardino County Superior Court to end a district policy that requires school staff to tell parents if their child asks to be identified by a different gender or name, or accesses a bathroom or program that don’t align with the gender on their official records. Bonta calls the policy discriminatory and dangerous.

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Holos Communities: Empowering the Latino Community through Affordable and Sustainable Housing

California, particularly in Los Angeles and San Francisco, has long grappled with a housing crisis that has left millions struggling to find affordable and stable homes. In June, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) released a report that indicated that the homeless population has increased. Among those affected, the Latino community bears a significant […]

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Latino community harmed by the underrepresentation of Latina physicians in the U.S.

Despite progress in gender diversity in the medical field, gaps remain for Latina physicians. A new report by the UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Institute reveals that Latina physicians in California and the U.S. are severely underrepresented. It has been shown that physicians who speak Spanish are essential to improving Latino healthcare access and addressing […]

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New LGBTQ+ mural in Long Beach represents city’s commitment to end hate against Latinos and others

On August 5, “Long Beach Embrace, a mural was unveiled by the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations, LA vs Hate’s Summer of Solidarity, in partnership with The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach. The mural evokes a tableau of people, movements and issues significant to the LGBTQ+ community, such as liberation, healthcare, land justice, and education, among others.