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Mayor Bass leads first LA Metro Board Meeting as Latinos and other residents hold her to free transit promise  

On Thursday, July 27th, Mayor Karen Bass led her first Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board meeting as chair. Outside of the meeting, a group made up of community organizers, youth and a wide range of LA Metro riders gathered. Approximately 120 people arrived at the LA Metro headquarters, with one goal: to remind Bass of her promise to make free transit a reality for Angelenos.

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COMMENTARY: Pay Our Interns

A recent study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that students of color are less likely to have paid internships. Researchers surveyed more than 22,000 students from 470 colleges and universities in their Student Survey Report and found that just 10% of all graduating Latino seniors have had internships, compared to 71% of non-Hispanic white students. The study also found that less than Latinos account for less than 8% of students in paid internships. While more than 90% of internships in the U.S. House and Senate are paid, just 10% of Assembly offices in Sacramento pay their interns, and none do in the state Senate.

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Mami & Me: Gallbladder removal through Laparoscopic surgery

Last month, I went to Kern Medical Hospital to have my gallbladder removed, as I had been diagnosed with gallstones and was suffering from gallbladder attacks. My anxiety was through the roof that morning. I woke up three times before my alarm. Although I am not a religious person, I have learned that in situations like this, you must have some hope. As a result, I began praying that I would make it out of surgery alive and be reunited with my family afterward. It worked.