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“Hunger Cliff” as CalFresh extended benefits end for thousands of Latinos

Due to a planned reduction in food benefits available from Los Angeles County to those most in need, many low-income Latinos and families will face what is being called a hunger cliff. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government temporarily increased its CalFresh food assistance program benefits. But these extra benefits ended on March 26, three years after the pandemic started.

The CalFresh program is designed for patients who struggle to pay grocery bills for food.

Posted inHealthcare

EDITORIAL: Protect state’s health by covering everyone regardless of immigration status

California is ahead of the nation in its plans to insure undocumented immigrants. Many of these workers also work in essential services, such as food, farm and factory labor, and risked their lives during the pandemic to support the California economy. Let’s protect our state’s health by covering everyone regardless of immigration status.