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Posted inJustice

COLUMN: Stop killing journalists in Mexico

The government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador has said the government does not attack journalists and the crimes are being committed by criminal groups.

It’s naive to think that some of these crimes against journalists, or against the citizens of Mexico, have nothing to do with government actors such as police, the military or elected officials.

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COLUMN: Mexicans in Space? Michael Peña, José M. Hernández make it harder to make fun out Latinos

As I grew up, I slowly began to realize that the puns were made at my own expense – and that of my kin and culture. They were survival tools that I developed to consciously and subconsciously go along to get along. This aided me greatly in life, particularly as a budding journalist trying to make his way in a world dominated by white men. Many of those men were comfortable and put at ease when confronted with humor reliant on tired tropes of lazy Mexicans, criminal Mexicans and baby-making Mexicans.

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COLUMN: ‘Jane the Virgin’ writer: From undocumented English learner to Hollywood

Having arrived in California at age 7 from Guayaquil, Ecuador, Agustin offers a rare glimpse into the world of an undocumented student in his new memoir, “Illegally Yours,” published by Grand Central Publishing and available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other retailers. Known for his work as a writer on the TV show “Jane the Virgin,” Agustin, 41, now serves as the CEO of the Latino Film Institute, which hosts the annual Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival.

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COLUMN: We are NOT tacos

The First Lady and the Democratic Party should know better. The fact that she and her team, which includes Latinos, wrote and reviewed that speech illustrates just how disconnected some Democrats are from the diverse Latino community.