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Los programas STEM de CSU aumentan el número de mujeres y de latinas en la fuerza laboral

Esta primavera, los graduados se abrieron camino en el escenario portando orgullosamente sus diplomas. Poco después ya se estaban preparando para las carreras profesionales a las que sus experiencias universitarias los prepararon. Uno de los ámbitos que da la bienvenida a estos potenciales nuevos miembros de la fuerza laboral es STEM (acrónimo de ciencia, tecnología, […]

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“First Voice Generation” documentary follows first-generation Latinos, explores socioeconomic inequities in college

Following three Latinx high school students in Holland, Michigan, the documentary of award-winning Director, Cynthia Martinez’s named ” First Voice Generation,” depicts their individual journeys as first-generation Latino students preparing to be the first of their families to attend college, while struggling with their identities in a predominately Dutch community.

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Veronica Valencia-Hughes, Latina designer and mother of two, is the host of HGTV’s Revealed

Valencia-Hughes has garnered nearly 20 years of experience in the design world, spending much of that time running behind-the-scenes design teams for 600+ TV home renovation projects for HGTV, Netflix, ABC, NBC, Fox, CNBC and OWN. Additionally, after meeting her husband, Kristopher Hughes, the two of them launched their design studio, The Design Hunters, in 2013, which is a “full-service interior design, styling and creative development company based out of Los Angeles and New York City.

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CSU STEM programs are working to increase women and Latinas in the workforce; meet three trailblazers

Women comprise half of the total United States college-educated workforce, but only 34% of the science and engineering workforce, according to the National Girls Collaborative Project. Despite STEM being male-dominated, women in these occupations, between 2011 and 2021, have increased by 31%. On top of an increase in women, the U.S. STEM workforce, as stated in the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics’ 2023 report, Diversity and STEM: Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities, has gradually become more diverse with an increase in representation of Latino, Black and Indigenous minorities.

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CEO of Armando F. Sanchez Production on Writers Guild Strike, how growth of AI will affect Latinos

Beginning May 2, the Writers Guild of America (WGA), a West and East region labor union representing thousands of writers behind various beloved television series, news programs and films, went on strike in Los Angeles and New York, demanding higher compensation, increased job security, larger writers’ rooms and a limited presence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the writing process, according to the WGA proposals.

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PBS’s America ReFramed to release documentary film, “FROM HERE,” which focuses on identity and migration in the U.S. and Germany

The documentary film, which is brought to us by WORLD and American Documentary, follows the lives of four artists and activists who are not only fighting to belong in the height of growing nationalism but in societies, New York and Berlin, that are exceedingly hostile toward their existence. The inspiration behind this film came from Antonakos-Wallace’s experience growing up as a Greek-American in Seattle, Washington. Raised as part of the Greek Orthodox, which tends to be sexist and homophobic, and exploring her own identity, the filmmaker wondered how culture changes and what people do with their traditions as they’re fighting for progressive change.

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Alfred Fraijo Jr., East LA native and lawyer, launches BIPOC-led firm, The Somos Group

In March, Fraijo Jr. launched his own firm, The Somos Group, an entirely BIPOC-led multidisciplinary group committed to broadening “equity goals and advancing the value and expertise of people and communities that have been historically underserved and undervalued.” Fraijo Jr. exudes confidence and control, with healthy dashes of humility and curiosity as he sits and readies himself for questioning. There is a stark difference between the accomplished man today and the 18-year-old senior whose high grades and acceptance to an Ivy League were featured in a 1995 LA Times article.

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CLAIRE RISOLI, owner of Pocha LA, merges Mexican and American cuisine and culture

On the corner of Branch Street and York Boulevard, snuggled nicely into the brightly colored homes surrounding it, lies one of Highland Park’s top restaurants, Pocha Los Angeles. A modern Mexicana restaurant rooted in tradition and Angelina Pride, Pocha LA merges Mexican and American cultures while maintaining respect for both in a healthy and vegan-friendly way. Although the restaurant was launched three years ago, the idea sprouted incidentally in January 2019 when Risoli, founder and owner of Pocha LA, added a printed-out “Pocha,” a derogatory term used by native-born Mexicans against US-born Mexican Americans who don’t speak Spanish well, to her vision board.