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COMENTARIO: Latinos, víctimas del cambio climático

Durante la era del COVID-19, los latinos estuvieron sobrerrepresentados entre los trabajadores esenciales. De la misma manera, hoy encabezan la confrontación contra el cambio climático y la degradación ambiental. Ya sea que trabajen en el campo, luchen contra incendios forestales, vivan cerca de productos químicos tóxicos o alquilen viviendas de mala calidad contaminadas con pintura […]

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COMMENTARY: The forgotten victims of COVID-19

The first regulations were aimed to help renters by enacting a moratorium on evictions for those who could not pay rent because of circumstances related to COVID, like the closure of their workplaces and sometimes their children’s schools, as well as additional medical expenses.
Federal assistance for those making less than $50,000 a year and Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefit payments stabilized finances for many households and prevented foreclosures, mortgage delinquencies and renters’ evictions. However, those benefits were denied to undocumented immigrant families.

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COMMENTARY: Climate change can’t be ignored

Climate change was not on the minds of the people of Central America 25 years ago. But they already suffered from this as well as from environmental damage. Most water sources were contaminated because of mining or petrochemicals. The rural population–35% of the total– lacks access to clean water. Many rivers dried up due to deforestation and land overuse.
And with each hurricane, earthquake, or war, the numbers of immigrants to the United States increased. More than 25% of them settled in California, especially in Los Angeles County.