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COLUMN: NURY MARTINEZ doesn’t speak for Latinos, now we must heal

What now? The political process will largely determine the fate of Martinez and her cohorts. What is essential going forward is to begin the work of healing between Latino and Black communities. Both communities are bonded by struggle, similar circumstance and the cruelties of racism and subjugation. Rogue political leaders should not be allowed to break those bonds.

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COLUMN: Ode to first Chicanos

When I was born in the mid-1960s, I inherited six siblings. Two of them self-identified as Chicanos. They were the  first to do so in my family. I was young, but I remember the clothes. The signs touting “Chicano Power” and “Brown Power.” The emblems of fists and fists raised in the air. The rallies for justice. The marches, walk-outs and sit-ins. I remember the feeling of being protected by the Brown Berets when I attended a rally or march.

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COLUMN: Mexicans in Space? Michael Peña, José M. Hernández make it harder to make fun out Latinos

As I grew up, I slowly began to realize that the puns were made at my own expense – and that of my kin and culture. They were survival tools that I developed to consciously and subconsciously go along to get along. This aided me greatly in life, particularly as a budding journalist trying to make his way in a world dominated by white men. Many of those men were comfortable and put at ease when confronted with humor reliant on tired tropes of lazy Mexicans, criminal Mexicans and baby-making Mexicans.