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Dolores Huerta urges Latinos to box office to see ‘Blue Beetle’

This weekend, the Warner Bros film is expected to be the first film to bump “Barbie,” another Warner Bros film, from the No. 1 spot at the box office. Hailed as a possible crowning moment for Latinos as “Black Panther” was to the Black community, DC’s first Latino-led superhero movie. Latinos make up almost a third of all box office tickets and represent 27% of online streaming audiences, according to the 2022 Latino Donor Collaborative Latinos in Media Report. They also are incredibly loyal. Follow Huerta’s advice, show up for “Blue Beetle.”

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Why do Latinos love LAFC so much?

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: If you are a true LAFC fan, you know there are a million reasons why local fans love the Los Angeles Football Club. That is why we dedicated this week’s coverage to LAFC super fans and club unions like the 3252. We give you an insider’s look at the pre-game and game experience. In addition, we are giving away game tickets to the June 21 match versus the Seattle Sounders FC.

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Community leader, local icon and proud Chicana, Gloria Molina passes away

The news is almost too much to take in. Gloria Molina has finished her journey on this earth and the outpouring of love and prayers being sent her away is a mere testament to the impacts she had on her people, her community and life in Los Angeles. Her passing Sunday was announced by family members of Molina on her Facebook page. The post began with these words: “It is with heavy hearts that our family announces Gloria’s passing this evening. She passed away at her home in Mt. Washington, surrounded by our family.”

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Mother’s Day means a lot to Latinos, where would we be without our Moms?

My mother was everything to me. Mentor. Protector. And she filled me with pride, confidence and the will to get things done. My mom removed all artificial barriers. She told me I could do anything. I believed her and became the first writer in my immediate family. My point is, when you are blessed with a beautiful mom, you should cherish every moment with her. I did not learn that lesson until my mom was gone. For many of you reading this, it is not too late.

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CALÓ NEWS Anti-Hate Series

As the Managing Editor, I can tell you that our team believes one of the most important issues that we can have an impact on is that of hate – more specifically, the issue of hate and violence aimed against Latinos/as/x communities for no more reason than the color of their skin or the virtue of their heritage. And we want to cover the heroes and power players who have made it their mission to stamp out hate, in all of its forms, whether it breaks out in Hollywood or downtown LA or the streets of Boyle Heights.

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Latino Media Collaborative wins leadership award from CNPA

On February 2nd, the Latino Media Collaborative, which publishes CALÓ NEWS, was presented with a leadership award by the California News Publishers Association for work supporting the mission of the California News Publishers Association (CNPA) to protect and serve the common interests of news media in California through advocacy in Sacramento. “This award is a testament to the power of the collaborative and of the equity in journalism and communications that we can achieve when we work together to advance a greater good,” said Arturo Carmona, President of the Latino Media Collaborative.

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Fill out this survey by KPCC/LAist and help hold Mayor Bass accountable

KPCC/LAist promised during the election that they would not stop paying attention to voters’ concerns once the ballots were counted. Now they’re asking Angelenos to fill out a 5-minute survey to let them know what feels most urgent as Bass takes office. The responses will help KPCC/LAist set the agenda for their reporting in the year ahead and help them hold the new mayor and city council accountable to top concerns. They’ll also share the survey results widely, including with everyone who responded and with organizations such as CALÓ NEWS.

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COLUMN: NURY MARTINEZ doesn’t speak for Latinos, now we must heal

What now? The political process will largely determine the fate of Martinez and her cohorts. What is essential going forward is to begin the work of healing between Latino and Black communities. Both communities are bonded by struggle, similar circumstance and the cruelties of racism and subjugation. Rogue political leaders should not be allowed to break those bonds.

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COLUMN: Ode to first Chicanos

When I was born in the mid-1960s, I inherited six siblings. Two of them self-identified as Chicanos. They were the  first to do so in my family. I was young, but I remember the clothes. The signs touting “Chicano Power” and “Brown Power.” The emblems of fists and fists raised in the air. The rallies for justice. The marches, walk-outs and sit-ins. I remember the feeling of being protected by the Brown Berets when I attended a rally or march.