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East LA native son, Eddie Ayala dies at 63, leaving behind an indelible mark on the Chicano alternative and punk-rock scenes

In the 70s and late 80s, Eddie Ayala was one of the biggest stars in East LA as a punk-rock musician and singer of seminal bands Los Illegals and The Odd Squad, marking the beginning of the underground L.A. punk rock scene, Chicano-style. On Friday, November 24, Ayala, a pioneer of the East Los Angeles Chicano punk movement, died at 63 years old. 

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A Turkey Giveaway in Boyle Heights helps Angelinos this holiday season

L.A. County’s food insecurity is not much different from that of the Golden State’s. A study published in September of this year by USC Dornsife found that 30% of Los Angeles County residents are faced with food insecurity, a 6% increase from the previous year. Last Saturday, November 18th, the Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA, a nonprofit organization with approximately 25 additional YMCA sister branches offered low-income families financial assistance with its 9th annual “Fiesta para La Comunidad” in the community of Boyle Heights.

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Vendedores ambulantes en la ciudad de Huntington Park piden mejores regulaciones y mejor trato 

Cada día, Yumabeli Castro se despierta a las seis de la mañana para preparar los ingredientes y colocar las sartenes y los utensilios de cocina que necesita para hacer tamales. Ese plato mesoamericano, hecho a base de una masa de harina de maíz nixtamalizada (donde el maíz seco se cocina en una solución alcalina de […]

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Street vendors in Huntington Park ask for better regulations and treatment from the city 

The average street vendor in LA makes $38,038, according to Comparably, a workplace and compensation monitoring employee review platform. This pay is 20% lower than the combined average salaries of other metropolitan regions like Boston, Dallas, or New York. On November 7, the Los Angeles Street Vendor Campaign, made up of organizations such as Community Power Collective, East LA Community Corporation, Inclusive Action for the City and Public Counsel, presented a public letter to the City of Huntington Park City Council advocating for street vendors in that city. “It has come to our attention that the City of Huntington Park is engaging in a concerning pattern of harassment and regulation of vending that is not permitted by California law. Multiple local vendors have reached out to LASVC seeking assistance with criminal citations they received for vending and the impounding of their vehicles,“ states the three-page letter. 

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La coalición IRLA lucha para brindar igualdad socioeconómica a los inmigrantes en Los Ángeles

Pasaron ya dos años desde que el Plan de Rescate Estadounidense (ARP) se convirtió en ley. ARP proporcionó $350,000 millones (350 billones en inglés) en fondos para que los gobiernos estatales y locales ayuden a construir una economía equitativa durante la pandemia de COVID-19. El objetivo de esta partida monetaria asignada por el estado era garantizar que […]

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CALÓ Q&A: An immigrant rights coalition works to bring socioeconomic equity to immigrants in LA 

IRLA is made up of more than 100 non-profit, community-led, health and other academic organizations, including CHILRLA, AltaMed, St. John’s Well Child & Family Center, Immigrant Defenders Law Center, UCLA Labor Center, and the USC Equity Research Institute, among others. They banded together as IRLA to advocate for immigrants in LA and proposed a county plan that would include more immigrant-related priorities to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, who would allocate the $9 billion in ARP funds given to the city.

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The state-wide United Against Hate Week aims to raise awareness about hate and build healthier communities

The City of Los Angeles and the California Civil Rights Department are putting together a set of events to create awareness to the rise of hate and discrimination that have become a dangerous threat to safety and civility both locally and statewide. UAHW originated in 2017 as a poster campaign in Bay Area cities in response to white supremacist rallies that took place in North California cities like Berkeley and San Francisco. Today, UAHW has spread to about 90 organizations and cities across the country.

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New “Come walk with me” mural in El Monte honors Latino community

A new report released in June by the office of California’s attorney general and the California Department of Justice stated that hate crimes in the state have had a 20% surge, from 1,763 hate crimes in 2021 to 2,120 in 2022. Latinos are of the group most targeted by hate. To uplift the Latino community and remind everyone that there is no space for hate in LA, the city of El Monte revealed “Come walk with Me,” a new mural.

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LA County Board of Supervisors adopts final $46.7 billion budget amid questions about serving immigrant communities

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors adopted the county’s final $46.7 billion budget. Despite the billion-dollar budget the Immigrants are LA (IRLA) coalition believes the immigrant community and its needs are not rightfully represented in this budget. IRLA wants to ensure that the approximately 3.5 million immigrants living in LA, the majority of them being Latinos, are a visible, integral and permanent part of the county’s budget process. 

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La campaña contra el odio de Latino Media Collaborative, “Color y Raíces: Encara el Racismo”, apoya a los latinos en California

Las experiencias, perspectivas y desafíos de la comunidad latina en el contexto del racismo son el centro focal de la campaña multimedia contra el odio lanzada por Latino Media Collaborative (LMC) y llamada “Color y Raíces: Encara el Racismo”. A comienzos de mes, LMC, la organización matriz de CALÓ NEWS, organizó una conferencia de prensa […]

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 Latino Media Collaborative’s anti-hate campaign, “Color y Raíces: Encara el Racismo,” aims to support Latinos in California

On Wednesday, the Latino Media Collaborative hosted a media briefing at its downtown Los Angeles offices to present initial findings and research of their anti-hate, multi-media campaign called “Color y Raíces: Encara el Racismo.” Arturo Carmona, LMC’s president and founder, said the campaign’s research began 8 months ago and originated after the LA City Hall scandal involving former Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez.

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La primera línea directa estatal multilingüe contra el odio ayuda a latinos y a otros grupos

El componente principal del programa estatal California vs Hate es su línea directa gratuita: 1-833-8-NO-HATE, por medio de la cual las víctimas de delitos de odio pueden recibir servicios de apoyo. NOTA DEL EDITOR: Esta historia es parte de la serie en curso de CALÓ NEWS sobre el estado del odio en Los Ángeles y […]