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ANTONIA SEVILLA, a passionate Mexican folkloric dancer pushing young adults to embrace their roots

Antonia Sevilla and the Mexican folkloric ballet Grupo La Rosa performed for over 400 people in Santa Monica, California, this past June 17, to celebrate their 25 years career in music and dance. 

Although Sevilla founded and named Grupo La Rosa in 1997 after the passing of her mother, Rosa Sevilla, she has been practicing Mexican folkloric ballet in Los Angeles for over 50 years.

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Los seguidores de ‘El Triste’ le ayudaron a Caín Carias a recuperar sus tres marionetas robadas

Al despertar en la mañana del 30 de mayo pasado, Caín Carias se dio cuenta de que su auto había desaparecido, junto con sus tres queridas marionetas, los famosos El Triste, La Smiley y Little Mr. E. Con la ayuda de su novia Mayra Plascencia, Carias recorrió las calles de su barrio en East Hollywood pidiendo información a sus vecinos. […]

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Transgender Latina making history at the 21st Annual Latino Spirit Awards

Earlier this month, the 21 Latino Spirit Awards were held at the State Capitol in Sacramento. To coincide with the state celebration of Cinco de Mayo, like every year since 2002, prominent, talented, Latinos, who are leaders of their fields from across California were honored by the California Latino Legislative Caucus. Among the honorees was Bamby Salcedo, the first transgender woman activist to be recognized with these awards. 

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CALÓ on The Street: What does Mother’s Day mean for Latinos?

Dia de las Madres is celebrated on May 10th for those of Mexican, Salvadoran and Guatemalan descent. It is a day when family members celebrate the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, spouses and other influential women in our lives who have made a difference in who we are today. But this Sunday, May 14th, is an international holiday for all mothers in the United States. CALÓ NEWS spoke to mothers about what it means to them to be celebrated on this special day.