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Northgate Gonzalez Markets are a staple for local Latino communities

How one family legacy and business set the standard for community service and health access in Southern California. When you visit the newly renovated 32,970-square-foot Northgate-Gonzalez supermarket in Hawthorne, CA, you do not only walk into a grocery store; you enter a place full of culture. Many Southern Californian Latinos are familiar with the sights, sounds and flavors of the Northgate Gonzalez Supermarkets.
Northgate supermarket comes from a proud Latino family. Today, there are 43 stores in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County and San Diego County. additionally, to improve access to health resources, Northgate offers scheduled events and clinics to their customers through their storefronts every month.

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JORGE NUÑO on how Latinos deserve change, support in the Los Angeles cannabis industry 

Jorge Nuño, CEO of Casa Grande, a Cannabis Social Enterprise is one of the few local Latino owned brands on the cannabis market. Nuño believes that the Latino community needs to rally together in order to ensure that BIPOC entrepreneurs stay in business. Nuño is using Casa Grande and his position as an established licensee to try and get more of the Latino community involved and invested.

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CALÓ Q&A: JOSE SALCEDO on LAFC super fans and the clubs that support diverse communities

The experience in the Bank of Montreal (BMO) Stadium during a Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) match is like no other. The beating of the drums and the howling crowd will move your soul. The energy of the people adorned in the black and gold LAFC uniforms is unmatched. These are no ordinary fans. They are supporters of the club, and they are the organized force that stands behind their team until their last breath and who cheer for them win or loss with the goal of global recognition.