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Our community. Our narrative. Our history.


CALÓ News strives to provide interesting, insightful and in-depth reporting focused on Latinos/as/x communities. The content is meant to engage our communities and empower them with information that will make their lives better. Our communities are filled with success stories.  But those stories and issues are often neglected by mainstream media and we aim to fix that. Parity matters. We promise to seize the moment, elevate our collective communities and offer leadership in moral, political and economic challenges unique to us. We celebrate all cultures and peoples and we just want to make sure Latinos/as/x is not left out. 

Who we are

CALÓ NEWS is a groundbreaking news initiative of the Latino Media Collaborative (LMC). The Latino Media Collaborative is an emerging non-profit organization that develops high-impact media outreach campaigns in partnership with the Latino media sector to advance an informed and highly engaged Latino community.  One of LMC’s objectives is to create quality and accountable news content, making essential information accessible to Latinos/as/x.

CALÓ NEWS’ vision is to become the premier trusted source of news and analysis for Latinos/as/x throughout the 5-county Greater Los Angeles region and California.

CALÓ NEWS champions Latinos/as/x in our coverage of issues. We will increase the breadth and depth of knowledge about our communities by sharing authentic stories, highlighting our accomplishments and bringing light to the topics that mean most to us, including healthcare, justice, education and media presence. We will publish opinion and commentary pieces by Latino/a/x experts and amplify their voices and ideas.

We embrace the Latino/a/x who have lived in the greater LA area and California for generations and pay homage to indigenous, multi-racial, and immigrant peoples while understanding the great contrasts of our stories.  On one hand, our collective community possesses a vibrant history, bounty of success stories and rich culture, and, on the other hand, we endure a history of oppression, racism, poverty, poor health and substandard education. 

We are an independent news organization. We are built for this moment. We are here to empower and engage our peoples. We are armed with truth, fact and fate.



Give voice to the voiceless;
official and community sources are equally valid in serving the greater good.


Our content is factual and provides context. Information is well-sourced, precise and clearly attributed.

Human Dignity

Respect individuals’ dignity and minimize harm. Avoid stereotypes. Engage open exchange of views within the context of evidence-based reporting.


Through impactful content, we aim to influence thought & policy leaders to take a course of action that will positively influence our communities.


CALÓ is a language created and embraced by the ostracized. We affirm and seek to highlight cultural creatives, social justice leaders, thinkers and innovators.


At its core, CALÓ News is genuine and open, seeking to build strong, trusting relationships with our audience, contributors, and partners.



Personal conduct —on and off the job—is critical to Caló News’ credibility and character.


The editorial decisions of Caló News are not influenced by political, social, or commercial pressure or by personal interest.

Conflicts of Interest

Avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of them. Be transparent with editors and audiences in your reporting.

Distinguish & Label

Distinguish between advocacy and news reporting. Analysis and commentary should be labeled and not misrepresent facts or context.

Prompt Communication

Raise and discuss potential problems of any kind in advance whenever possible, including questions about ethics, possible inaccuracies, sources and coverage.

Language & Imagery

Be conscious of word choice and the connotations some words have and the frames they imply.

Filling a Gap – Why We’re Needed

Latino/a/x make up only about 14% of salaried employees and managers at some of the major, local newsrooms despite being the largest ethnic group by far in Los Angeles County, making up 48% of the population. And their numbers are expected to grow locally and statewide.

Nationwide, Latino/a/x represent just 7 percent of the news workforce, according to a 2019 American Society of Newspaper Editors survey of 428 newsrooms, despite being 19% of the country.

As more news sites continue to exchange owners and downsize, critical coverage takes a backseat and communities lose their voice. In the LA region, this reality has impacted Latino/a/x disproportionately, leaving large swaths of our communities with no local news coverage.

Many sites that once featured local voices now depend on austere financial models, relying on content from outside communities.

Los Angeles County–which has the most Latino/a/x of any U.S. county and region–needs more Latino/a/x stories, and more Latino/a/x journalists to tell those stories. The Los Angeles region’s media sector is not keeping up with changing population needs, which is why CALÓ NEWS has stepped forward: to ensure communities across Los Angeles and California are heard and leaders are held accountable.



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