NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: If you are a true LAFC fan, you know there are a million reasons why local fans love the Los Angeles Football Club.

The team ranks third in the Eastern Conference with an impressive 7 wins, 1 loss, 5 draws and a whopping 26 accumulated points.

The Beast recently called LAFC “The New Los Angeles Lakers For A-List Celebrity Sightings,” given appearances in the stands by Dr. Dre, Justin Bieber and Danny Trejo (the actor, entrepreneur and donut maker).

Sure, it’s disappointing to know that LAFC recently lost by one score to Club León in the CCL final game. It wasn’t the first time the LAFC made it this far in the tournament, but it is the first promising appearance by second-year coach Steve Cherundolo.

But if you want to get real about why Latinos love the LAFC scene so much, the answer goes beyond the team and the players. Latinos love to party, and attending a game at BMO Stadium is a loud and proud experience like no other.

Music. Dancing. Cheering. Chanting. Drinking. Hugging. And sending out the best vibes possible to the teams on the field and the fellow fans in the stands. These are big parts of what the game experience is all about. These are not boring baseball or tennis fans we’re talking about. This is super fandom, Latino-style.

That is why we dedicated this week’s coverage to LAFC super fans and club unions like the 3252. We give you an insider’s look at the pre-game and game experience, and we introduce you to Jose “Rey” Salcedo, a leader with the 3252.

In addition, we’re giving away game tickets to the June 21 match versus the Seattle Sounders FC. See the details on our newsletter and website to find out how to enter and win.

We want to acknowledge how LAFC’s super fan clubs add to the game environment, as well as how they support causes dear to their own LA communities, from LGBTQ+ to job searches and volunteer work.

As the Managing Director at CALÓ NEWS, I thank our loyal readers and subscribers for supporting our mission to deliver news that is interesting and important to our various Latino communities. And I urge new people to subscribe and visit our website often, as we continue to offer coverage for Latinos that cannot be found elsewhere. Email us, tell us what you think about our LAFC coverage and what other subjects that may be dear to you that we should consider.

Just like LAFC super fans, we are on the same team. Pulling in the same direction.

Daniel Vasquez is a veteran, award-winning journalist and writer. He is a Pulitzer Prize finalist who grew up in newsrooms, having served stints at the San Francisco Chronicle, Oakland Tribune, San Jose...