On June 4, the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) hit the field to play against Club León at the BMO Stadium in Los Angeles. But for those in the know, the day’s celebration began pre-game during a tailgating party and game day experience hosted by a super fan club known as 3252. Black and gold covered the entire area of the North Zone of BMO Stadium since those are the colors of LAFC.    

The 3252 is an “Independent Supporters Union for the Los Angeles Football Club of Major League Soccer. It encompasses a growing number of affiliate supporter groups and independent supporters who support LAFC for 90+ minutes, at home, away and bring the atmosphere whereever we go,” according to its website.

Opening ceremony LAFC

Opening Ceremony Of LAFC vs. Club León Game

The overall purpose is to unite and support LAFC’s supporter groups or fan clubs and to create a dynamic and diverse active universe inside and outside the stadium. 

The name 3252 comes from the total number of seats in the BMO stadium LAFC section, which is 3,252. The union represents a half-dozen or more other fan clubs. Members typically meet monthly to discuss pressing issues ranging from new merchandise to planning specific events. 


Jose “Rey” Salcedo is a leader for the 3252 and helped put on the tailgating event before the LAFC v. Club León game. He also organized other events, such as watch parties when the team plays away games, Easter egg hunts and toy drives.

LAFC fan 3252

 Jose “Rey” Salcedo During 3252’s Tailgating Party On June 4

“It’s beautiful. Everyone here is at peace and [is] just having fun amongst people who share a similar passion for soccer,” Salcedo said during the recent match. “There’s very multi-culture representation here since we are in the heart of Los Angeles.” 

Also, Salcedo is a founding member of District 9 Ultras. The District 9 Ultras fan club started in 2014 after the disassembly of Chivas USA. Major League Soccer awarded LA a new soccer team, LAFC, and the District 9 Ultras decided to embrace the change. They are supported by the 3252 due to their similar stances on social commitment to the community. 

Early beginnings

Aaron Espenda is a lead director for tailgating and worked with Salcedo to set Sunday’s event. He was first a cook for the 3252 club during its early beginnings, but after the second year, Espenda decided that he would take on more of a leading role in the club, where he eventually became the leading director for tailgating. 

LAFC fan 3252

Aaron Espenda During 3252’s Tailgating Party On June 4

“I was here since the beginning of LAFC,” Espenda said. “And to see the club and fan base grow to what you see today makes me proud.” 

Espenda and Salcedo worked together, along with other 3252 members, to get the tailgating party. Music could be heard from all sides of the party as many of the 3252’s support groups had designated areas where their group drank and prepared for the upcoming match to start. Many groups prepared their own food for themselves and other LAFC fans who attended. Black and gold covered the entire area of the North Zone of BMO Stadium since those are the colors of LAFC. 

Before the game, Salcedo, Espenda and other 3252 union members welcomed and hung out with members of 3252’s supporter fan clubs, including the Pride Republic. Pride Republic is another supporter club for LAFC focused on the LGBTQ+ community. They’ve partnered with 3252 to host events, such as fundraisers for LGBTQ+ organizations and meet-and-greets.  

Supporter clubs

Another supporter group that attended Sunday’s 3252 tailgate event was Los Angelinos Originales (LAO), which locked down a choice spot in the BMO parking lot and hoisted a large canopy to protect its members from the sun. LAO focuses on serving the community of LA through various career and volunteer service activities while working to uphold the values of respect, loyalty and selflessness.

Eliote Prieto is an assistant leader of LAO and was first introduced to the club in 2016 by his older brother, who remains an existing member. He says he enjoys being a part of the club since it is multicultural and people from different parts of LA all “come together for the game.”

LAFC fan 3252

Eliote Prieto During 3252’s Tailgating Party On June 4

The 3252 has many more supporter groups, including Lucky’s Supporter Group, Empire Boys, The Krew and Expo Originals. All of their support groups share the same passion for soccer and diversity amongst the community supporting LAFC. 

“Every group that is part of the 3252 is constantly growing,” Salcedo said. “During every game, we are gaining new members.”

The 3252 try to make an experience for their members, especially when watching a match. Yellow smoke began to cover the supporters’ section of the stadium. Soon after, a banner of Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat series, reading: “Finish ’em!” The artist at 3252 created the artwork and has done other paintings during LAFC home matches.  

The chants

During the matches, 3252 have drummers that play throughout the game. Then, the members of the 3252 and other fans start to chant one of many different chants. The list of chants is constantly growing, and their most recent one, “This Is Los Angeles,” was the first chant during Sunday’s match. The support section within the BMO Stadium all yelled passionately as the drum banged. They chanted “Dale, Dale, Dale,  Black and Gold,” which could be heard throughout the stadium, echoing throughout the field.    

LAFC offsiders

LAFC OffSiders Gathered At 3252 Tailgating Party

“The main focus of the 3252 is to support our club inside and off the stands,” Salcedo said. “We try to create an experience for our members and want to continue doing so as the LAFC fan base grows.” 

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