The 2022 elections brought historic changes for the city of Los Angeles. Karen Bass became the first woman and second Black mayor elected. And nearly half the city council is new, one of the biggest turnovers in decades.

Now, LA faces major headwinds in 2023 — the number of people experiencing homelessness continues to rise, inflation has driven up housing costs and COVID-19 cases are once again surging.

KPCC/LAist promised during the election that they would not stop paying attention to voters’ concerns once the ballots were counted. Now they’re asking Angelenos to fill out a 5-minute survey to let them know what feels most urgent as Bass takes office. The responses will help KPCC/LAist set the agenda for their reporting in the year ahead and help them hold the new mayor and city council accountable to top concerns. They’ll also share the survey results widely, including with everyone who responded and with organizations such as CALÓ NEWS, which will help them get the word out. CALÓ NEWS plans to cover the results, particularly as they reflect on the life and needs of Latinos in LA.

The survey will be open Dec. 12 to March 12 – the first 100 days of Bass’ administration. Respondents can also opt in for a chance to speak directly with one of KPCC/LAist’s reporters about your responses. 

The responses will help power local reporting that helps build a better LA.

After taking the survey, KPCC/LAist encourages respondents to help them get to 3,000 responses by sharing it with others. Here are some suggestions for how to do that:

  • Post it on social media accounts
  • Share it in Facebook groups, Nextdoor forums, LA subreddits, and any other social platforms where people talk about local issues 
  • Post it in company Slack workspaces  
  • Send it over a listserv 

KPCC/LAist has already received more than 900 responses but wants to get to 3,000 by March 12.

Fans of CALÓ NEWS can click HERE to fill out the survey and do your part to hold the Mayor accountable going forward.

Daniel Vasquez is a veteran, award-winning journalist and writer. He is a Pulitzer Prize finalist who grew up in newsrooms, having served stints at the San Francisco Chronicle, Oakland Tribune, San Jose...