There have been notable events that have happened in Los Angeles, many which have been overshadowed by the leaked audio between four prominent Latino leaders.

CALÓ NEWS is recapping some of the events that occurred in the vibrant communities of LA during the past two weeks. These include the East LA Classic football game at the LA Coliseum, Kanye West sending ‘All White Lives Matter’ t-shirts to Skid Row, the famous Mexican rock band Maná finishing their residency, and more. 

Also, look out for upcoming events worth noting and adding to one’s calendar. 


On October 21, with a now 87-years-long football rivalry, Theodore Roosevelt High School, located in Boyle Heights, and James A. Garfield High School, located in East LA, competed in a football game at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. In an article posted by KTLA 5, not only did current students from both schools attend the game, but alumni and future students were also present and joined to support their favorite team. Whether they were supporting the Bulldogs or the Rough Riders, the approximately 30,000 attendees expressed the love they have for the communities they come from and the friendly rivalry between both schools. This game is a yearly tradition, referred to as the East LA Classic. After losing for 10 years, the Rough Riders beat the Bulldogs with a 22-9 win in last year’s game. However, the Bulldogs took the win with a score of 16-8 this year. 

As for the entertainment aspect of the game, the Black Eyed Peas performed for halftime. The lead member of the group,, is a native of East Side LA, growing up in the neighborhood of Boyle Heights, according to an ABC 7 article. Before the game began, shared his excitement. “The Super Bowl was dope. This is going to be doper,” he said. “This is beyond just a halftime show. This is a celebration for the community. This is saluting these kids excellence and their discipline.”


Kanye West has brought a lot of controversy on social media and in public areas. Many people have expressed their thoughts towards some of the actions West has taken. More recently, a CBS article informed that t-shirts that included the phrase ‘All White Lives Matter’ and a printed picture of the late Pope John Paul II, were being passed out in Skid Row. A video published of the situation showed people handing out the shirts and saying they came from West himself. This brought a lot of confusion, disagreement, and anger from the Black and Brown community, questioning why Skid Row was targeted. A majority of those living in Skid Row are people of color. 69,144 people are homeless in LA County, according to recent data released by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. This includes 28,945 Latinos/Hispanics and 19,522 people who are Black/African American.


After performing 12 shows, Maná ended their residency titled “Mana La Residencia,” at the Forum in Inglewood, Calif. The last two concerts took place on October 21 and 22. When the Mexican rock band first announced their residency last November, they started with four concert dates but continued to add shows as fans demanded for more. 

For years, Maná has been a staple in a majority of Latino households. Ever since the band formed in 1986, it has made an impact on the community. Popular songs such as “Oye mi Amor” and “Rayando El Sol” have been passed down from generation to generation. In a Rolling Stone interview, lead singer Fher Olvera explained the significance of having a residency specifically in LA. “Los Angeles is like our second home. It’s a city that to Maná — and to a big part of the Latino cultural world — is very important. Los Angeles has so much that’s special. It has a huge Latino community,” Olvera said to Rolling Stone. Olvera added that he, along with the band, felt close to the Latino and Mexican community in LA. 

Harry Styles took over residency at the Forum as “Harry’s House” with his first concert that happened on October 23. He will perform 15 shows in total. 


On October 27, a GET OUT THE VOTE rally was held in the Band Shell at Central Park Playa Vista, a neighborhood in LA. The rally was for mayoral candidate Karen Bass to encourage the LA community to vote in the upcoming elections. At the rally, Bass had a special guest, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont).

According to an NBC Los Angeles article, Sanders is supportive of Bass becoming the new mayor of LA. “At a time when Los Angeles and cities across the country are facing major challenges, we need bold leaders who will stand up to big money interests and put the priorities of working people first,” Sanders said in a statement. “For that reason Karen Bass, a long-time leader in the struggle for economic, social and racial justice, is the clear choice for Mayor of Los Angeles.”

CBS Los Angeles reported that during the campaign, with the support of Sanders, Bass expressed her opinions toward her opponent, billionaire Rick Caruso.

“He’s using his riches to lie about his anti-choice Republican history and to lie about me,” said Bass. “Do you know that nearly $90 million on misleading ads and more is to come? Do you know how many Angelenos could be housed with $90 million?”

In an October 26 interview, Caruso said, “My wife and I have given hundreds of millions of dollars to those who are at or below the poverty line,” he said. “What I would say to Karen Bass is leadership has a certain behavior and character and it does not include name calling. So, if you want to be mayor act like the mayor. Let’s have civil discourse.”


On October 22, the Latino Equality Alliance, whose mission is to advocate for the “safety, equity, and wellness” of the Latino LGBTQ+ community, hosted its seventh annual fundraiser, the Calavera LGBTQ Festival. Due to its growth, the Latino Equality Alliance was able to expand the event to the streets in front of their location, Mi Centro in Boyle Heights. The purpose of the event was to honor and welcome those part of the LGBTQ+ community along with their families. Also, for the community to enjoy their cultural traditions such as Día de Los Muertos. The festival’s theme revolved around “Semillas con Amor,” which paid “…tribute to LGBTQ+ youth who have been victims of violence,” the release said. 

The festival was sponsored by ABC 7, Walmart, Bank of America, and more. However, in a statement released by the Latino Equality Alliance, the organization decided to remove LA City Councilman Kevin de León as a sponsor following the release of the leaked audio.

At the event, the Latino LGBTQ+ community and their families were welcomed with a variety of activities. Some of these included traditional altars, meeting queer Latinx artists, a variety of vendors to choose from, musical entertainment, and more. Over 400 tickets were already purchased for the event, according to the Latino Equality Alliance Instagram.


Olvera Street, a well-known location in LA among the Latino community, is hosting a Día de Los Muertos celebration that started on October 25 and ends on November 2. Dia de Los Muertos is a time when friends and families honor loved ones who have passed and Olvera Street welcomes the community to celebrate for nine days. “The celebration has evolved to incorporate the pre-Columbian, Aztec, Mayan and Catholic rituals surrounding death,” according to the Olvera Events website

Beginning October 29, people can leave a picture of a loved one in the community altar. There was also a nightly “Novenario Procession ” at 7 p.m., where a “Traditional Mayan Blessing/Soul Cleansing] takes place before and after the procession,” as stated in the website. An indigenous Aztec group led the procession followed by Aztec dancers and a parade of  “Living Muertos.”

Along with this, people can pay for face painting on November 1-2 from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. The community can attend and see some of the entertainment in Olvera, such as Folklorico groups, from October 29 to November 2.


On October 25, Chief Michel Moore announced the four people involved in the leaked recording from last October want the Los Angeles Police Department to investigate if the audio was made illegally. Moore claimed those who want the investigation said they were “unlawfully and surreptitiously recorded.” 
However, an ABC 7 article included how the spokesman for de León, Pete Brown, claimed that  he did not request an investigation. As of right now, the police have not identified who recorded the racist conversations between former LA City Council President Nury Martinez, Former LA County Federation of Labor President Ron Herrera, and LA City Councilmembers de León and Gil Cedillo. This continues to be an open investigation.

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