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KAT NOVOA, founded Babes of Wellness gym for body and mind

In addition to being a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and certified Olympic weightlifting coach, Novoa is also a domestic violence advocate. Witnessing domestic violence, which, according to Esperanza United, affects about 1 in 3 Latinas (34.4%) in their lifetime, during her childhood, Novoa shared a blog post about her own experience in 2017. Soon after, she received an…

COLUMN: Brown pride is not racist

Expressing Brown pride is not racist. What these youth demonstrated is pride in their culture and in themselves. It’s no different than a student who wears green, or an Irish flag, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Mami & Me: My baby underwent orchiopexy surgery at Children’s Hospital

The doctor told me and my partner that my baby was born with an “undescended testicle,” which means that a child’s testicle has not dropped down to its normal place in the scrotum. Before birth, a baby boy’s testes will develop inside his abdomen. Closer to delivery, these organs travel through a canal in the groin. When all goes…

MICHAEL MARTINEZ, LA Compost, improve LA environment for Latinos

LA Compost currently has 43 community compost locations where community members drop off food scraps for processing into compost as well as 10 locations in LA farmer’s markets. The work done by the organization has led to hundreds of thousands of pounds of organics being diverted from landfills each year. Having parents who utilized the earth and refurbished the…


OLIVER JIMENEZ, founder of leadership club and toy drive

As the president and founder of the Montebello Youth Leadership Club (MYLC), Oliver Jimenez has been leading the Christmas Toy drive in Montebello for the past 10 years. In partnership with Montebello’s YMCA, the organization has distributed 10,000 toys every…





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