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CALÓ NEWS Anti-Hate Series

As the Managing Editor, I can tell you that our team believes one of the most important issues that we can have an impact on is that of hate – more specifically, the issue of hate and violence aimed against Latinos/as/x communities for no more reason than the color of their skin or the virtue of their heritage. And…

Mami & Me: C-section after care tips for new moms like me

Our birth experiences are often scary and challenging and not what we had expected. Modern medicine has made C-sections possible. And I will forever be grateful for having that option, it ultimately saved my baby’s life. It can be difficult to deal with things that don’t go as planned, especially when you are a first-time mother who is unprepared…

Mother and daughter duo empower young Latina athletes to succeed

At a young age, Lilly Travieso became fascinated with the world of sports, specifically softball. As she began playing the sport throughout her early years in grade school, she soon realized she wanted to continue pursuing softball at higher and more competitive levels. She was eager to play the sport in college. 


COLUMN: End gender pay gap for Latinas

At the current rate Latinas won’t earn equal pay until 2197. That’s 174 years if you do the math. That means maybe your Latina granddaughter might achieve equal pay before she retires. The pay gap amounts to a loss of…

Latino Media Collaborative wins leadership award from CNPA

On February 2nd, the Latino Media Collaborative, which publishes CALÓ NEWS, was presented with a leadership award by the California News Publishers Association for work supporting the mission of the California News Publishers Association (CNPA) to protect and serve the…





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