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A note from the Publisher

When we launched a year ago, we set out to provide a fresh perspective on the news, one that was rooted in facts and focused on the most pressing issues impacting Latinos. We wanted to create a space where our readers could engage with thoughtful analysis and opinion pieces that challenge their assumptions and broaden their understanding of the…

CALÓ NEWS celebrates one-year anniversary serving Latino readers

Today, CALÓ NEWS and our staff celebrate a milestone. This issue marks our one-year anniversary. Last year, the Latino Media Collaborative (LMC), an emerging non-profit organization that develops high-impact media outreach, launched CALÓ NEWS with the mission of informing, engaging and empowering our greater Latino community on the issues and perspectives that mean most to us, particularly for those…

COLUMN: On Prosperity: Featuring Analia Mendez

Analia Mendez, a Mexican American executive, speaks about the idea of home in this video series called “On Prossperity.” Her Mexican parents worked on farmland in her childhood in Modesto and today she lives on farmland in her present home in San Diego.

On Prosperity: A new CALÓ NEWS column series on Latinos and personal wealth

In 2022, only 8% of homebuyers in the U.S. were Latino barely up from 6% in 2003, according to the National Association of Realtors. That means in 20 years there has been little progress. In 2019, in California the Latino homeownership rate was 44.1%, still 19.2 points below that of white households, according to the Public Policy Institute of…

COLUMN: CALÓ NEWS elevates Latino/a/x voices

Latino voices are rarely seen in the opinion pages of mainstream media. For example, only 4% of opeds published by the Los Angeles Times featured Latino writers, according to a 2020-2021 study by the UCLA Latino Politics & Policy Initiative.

Here at CALÓ NEWS we have elevated the voices of Latino/a/x journalists but also of Latino/a/x professors, doctors, activists,…


COLUMN: End gender pay gap for Latinas

At the current rate Latinas won’t earn equal pay until 2197. That’s 174 years if you do the math. That means maybe your Latina granddaughter might achieve equal pay before she retires. The pay gap amounts to a loss of…




CALÓ NEWS Anti-Hate Series

As the Managing Editor, I can tell you that our team believes one of the most important issues that we can have an impact on is that…


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